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* Plenty of food and water
* Some extra clothing
* A map
* A compass
* A flashlight and extra batteries
* Sunscreen
* Matches in a waterproof container
* A fire starter or candle
* A pocket knife or utility tool
* A first aid kit

A cell phone, GPS or other communication device could also come in handy.

supply list?
sun hoop

Hey there

Frank says I should say Hi.


I hope I'm coming on this trip. Like, really really really really hope. So we should get plans together so that I can talk to my mom about it, since she likes to know lots of details about what I do. Yup. I am excited.

And I like how we're all in the interests. Yay.

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decisions, decisions...

So we have many gear-related things to discuss. Here is the beginnings of a list:
-Sleeping Arrangements: Do we want to go with a tent, or is building tarp leantos good enough?
-Leather: Vegans and leather do not mix. Nor do vegans and goose down or wool mix. The dilemma is... what about you non strict vegans? Do we care enough to be mean to you?

That's all that comes to mind. Feel free to add, and voice opinions, and such.
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Friends, fellow backpackers, people I don't even know: Welcome!
So basically Kenneth and I had this crazy idea: let's backpack the Pacific Crest Trail this summer and a little bit of fall! We decided it would pretty much be fucking cool. So then, one day I was at Teddy's house, and we were talking about the future, and I mentioned this trip, so she said "hey sounds cool, can I come along?" So I said "Of course!" And at some point, Kenneth was talking to this Jim character, and told him about it, and so now he's in too. And Margaret... well I dunno if she knows if she's coming yet.
The general plan is we take off fairly soon after I graduate in June, and head North. And North. And North. Til we get to Manning Provinicial Park, British Columbia. Then we turn around, and start walking South. And South. And South some more. And at some point in July, we'll probably get our hippie asses out to Mendocino, and go to WUUKY V, because that's what Unitarians do. At this point, we'll most likely be saying goodbye to Teddy and Margaret(how sad), and heading back to the trail. Then we'll walk the rest of the way to Mexico. And then turn around and head North, at which point I might go to school or something. Whatever. Basically, 3 vegans, one almostvegan, and one forced vegan going for a walk in the woods. It shall be fun. But now, let the planning begin.
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